Member's Area
for Week 1 - 7 Content

Here is a listing of all the detailed content for each week,
so you can go directly to what's important to you.

Member's Area
for Week 1 - 7 Content

Here is a listing of all the detailed content for each week, so you can go directly to what's important to you.

EFT - Tapping for Weight Loss Program - Weeks 1 - 7

Week 1 – Introduction to EFT’s Meridian Tapping – The Door to Releasing the Past & Engaging New Possibilities – How to Get Results

Week 2 – Addressing Your Truth, Rationalizations & Excuses – Changing Inner Habits, Rules & Restrictions – Taking Control of Your Outcomes

Week 3 – Tapping on Cravings & Addictive Urges – How to Effectively “Crush Your Cravings” – Releasing Inner Resistance to Taking Action

Week 4 – Changing Your Inner Critic – Removing Your Limiting Beliefs – Accepting Positives: I CAN Do This… and it CAN Be Easy!

Week 5 – Releasing Emotionally Driven Eating – Letting Go of Past & Present Negative Emotional Intensities – Not Filling “the Void” with Food

Week 6 – Changing Emotional Patterns – Finding Your Inner Safety and Healthy Boundaries – A Self-Caring Approach to Forgiveness

Week 7 – Showing Up for Yourself in Multiple Ways – Getting Physical… and Enjoying It! – More Energy, More Movement, More Happiness

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Crush Your Cravings

Crush Your Cravings
Download Video

Janice Smylie, CCHt, NLP, TFT, EFT

Use the Crush Your Cravings video to the left to Crush Cravings on any food product or junk food which undermines your goals or wellness.

When you’ve done the steps of this video in full just once, you’ll easily recognize mental or emotional links you have to other junk food/ food products you crave.

With the awareness from this video, Tapping to eliminate ‘other’ cravings becomes a quick and simple process.

EFT’s clinical weight loss study:  
16 lbs lost over eight weeks, with no weight re-gained after 1 year
(Tapping approx. 2 hours per week)

EFT - Tapping for Weight Loss Weeks 1 - 7 Detailed Program Content

(Each week's videos are below - with video number & video topic listed clearly.)

Week 1 – Introduction to EFT Meridian Tapping Videos
Opening the Door and Engaging New Possibilities

1-01 Introduction to Tapping – Tapping Points & How Tapping Works
1-02 Set up for Being Specific & Getting Results – Issues & Aspects
1-03 9 Gamut Sequence – when to Use the Magic Key
1-04 Begin with Mental / Emotional / Physical Tapping Connections
1-05 3 Steps To Using this Program’s Tapping Videos Most Effectively
1-06 Addressing Doubts, Limiting Beliefs & Resistance

Week 2 – Tapping to Turn Up Your Body Intelligence
and Conscious Awareness of Choice

2-01 Using Mental Intelligence to Calm Inner Rationalizations or Excuses
2-02 Releasing My Resistance to Doing What is Good for Me (+ Checklist)
2-03 Food Control and Freedom – Can I Leave Food or Throw it Out?
2-04 Who’s in Charge? Authority Modelling / Rules & Restrictions
2-05 Releasing Hidden Resistance to ‘Good’ Healthy Foods
2-06 Tapping to Desire more Vibrant Foods and Better Health

Week 3 – Tapping to Eliminate Cravings – Addictive Urges & Habits

3-01 Intro to Cravings, Addictive Urges & Habits
3-02 Tapping to Turn Off Food Cravings – ”Crush Your Cravings” Video
3-03 Drinking Water and Health Balance – Keeping Hydrated!
3-04 Tapping through Alcohol & Social Connections
3-05 Releasing Caffeine – Soft Drinks (soda/pop), tea & coffee
3-06 Tapping in Easy Options – Get What Your Body Really Wants

Week 4 – How Are You Changing Your Inner Critic?
Fast Fixes for Limiting Beliefs

4-01 Tapping for Rapidly Changing Your Inner Rulebook
4-02 Eating Only When I’m Hungry – How to STOP Eating on Auto-pilot
4-03 Food Is NOT the Enemy – Savouring Food / Enjoying Every Bite
4-04 Tapping for Change – Transforming My Inner Critic to Inner Support
4-05 Positive Changes – I CAN Do This. and it CAN Be Easy!

Week 5 – Tapping To Release Emotionally Driven Eating
Releasing Your Stories, and Excuses

5-01 Clarity of Emotional Wants & Needs – Triggers & What’s Missing?
5-02 Empowering New Habits – You Get to Choose!
5-03 Tapping for Stress Relief, Reducing Worry and Anxiety
5-04 Tapping on Boredom, Avoidance, Procrastination, & the Unknown
5-05 Calming Frustration, Irritation and Anger
5-06 Lifting Loneliness, Easing Sadness, and Overwhelm

Week 6 – Inner Safety, Healthy Boundaries &
A Better Approach to Forgiveness

6-01 What’s enough? Past & Present Love, Lack & Nurture
6-02 Balance – Healthy Boundaries or People-Pleaser?
6-03 Resolving Fears & Phobias – Experiencing New Freedom
6-04 High Sensitivity – Perception & Emotional Abuse
6-05 Forgiveness? Self-Care First. Forgiveness Later.
6-06 Inappropriate Behaviour, Guilt & Shame – Childhood Abuse
6-07 Welcome New Beginnings with Food and Nurture

Week 7 – Getting Physical – and Enjoying It!
More Energy, More Movement, More Happiness

7-01 Getting Active – Starting from Where You Are
7-02 Standing Up for Yourself – the 1 Push-Up Rule
7-03 Persistence – Beginning and Letting Go
7-04 Tapping Visualizations – Turning Up Your Game Results!
7-05 Engaging! – Easily Taking Action

Tap through videos and worksheets in order from the program's beginning
or jump in and start Tapping on topics most important to you.

Be aware that your mind may tend to "dismiss" the need to Tap on topics
about which you tell yourself you already have knowledge.
Don't be 'fooled' into inaction (not Tapping) on issues regarding which
you are aware - but which you may have minimized importance.
You CAN give yourself the gift of TAPPING A LOT instead of listening
to your own or someone else's casual dismissiveness.
'Tapping' is much different than thinking or 'knowing'.

There is a HUGE BENEFIT to actively Tapping through ALL the Topic sections.
It is in actively Tapping... that's when you can make a valuable
difference to your eating triggers, feelings, and habits...

It is while Tapping that you gain a new kind of clarity about your choices,
where you can literally FEEL your resistance to change release
as you talk and Tap about your needs and habits,
and where allowing simple logical changes can become easy for you.

When you separate your genuine emotional needs from your automatic
eating habits your natural health can increase and rebalance
so the need to diet can/will permanently disappear.

Welcome to the EFT - Tapping for Weight Loss Program

Begin Tapping-along, and let me know how you’re doing!

When you use Tapping to neutralize how you’ve emotionally linked food to
emotional situations or past personal interactions, you may notice how
connected food is/ was to feeling safe, accepted, or loved.  

Tapping gives you the ability to keep the valued feeling from a situation
or release the pain from it… separate from eating food/bingeing.
You’ll have far more power in 
naturally make better choices
for you, your health, your weight, and your wellness.

The emotional triggers that  pressure you to “diet” can also drive bulemia.
Feeling deprived, then eating to compensate, feeling sick,
then ashamed and frustrated with yourself…
It might feel terrible, but you are not alone.
Up to 80% of people binge and purge, at some point in their lives.

Tap and tell yourself the story you already know.  Tap and acknowledge the negative feelings.
Tap to get clarity about what you have done, then remember
to speak your intention for change aloud. 
Be empowered as you verbalize aloud your better choices. 
Say what you WILL do differently now.
Remember, your subconscious is always listening to you…
give yourself direct and helpful instructions!

Tapping can give you rapid calm, inner comfort, and easy self-regulation.

Scroll to a 1 – 7 week link above.  Get started! 

Tapping will support you, your goals & happiness.