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New to EFT's Tapping?
Want Tapping to work better for you?

EFT Tapping Classes give 'words' & inspiration,
whether in-person, or in-person online.
Be encouraged, feel hopeful and supported
with the life changing results you can get.

introduction to eft class

Learn EFT & 9 Gamut & "How to" Tap on Your Issue

New to EFT’s Meridian Tapping?  Understand EFT & 9 Gamut basics here in our EFT Tapping Classes.  These two Tapping skills strengthen your ability to resolve issues. 

If you get stuck – always come back to the basics.  The connection between EFT’s Tapping basics and 9 Gamut will set you free, and get you back on track for achieving your goals. 

9 Gamut Tapping is powerful – Stuck, upset and alone in the middle of the night? Want to wind down and feel in control again?  Use 9 Gamut to help calm your mind’s fears or “busy brain”. 

EFT’s 9 Gamut sequence works deeply so you can Tap to resolve or release:

  • Anxiety – Overwhelm – Fears
  • Childhood Trauma & Lack of Safety experiences
  • Chronic Pain & situations with people we cannot Control
  • Forgiveness – finally ‘Let Go’ of the Old Hurts which still hold pain for you
  • Ruminating – STOP re-living the past – get real freedom to Move On
  • PTSD & Trauma – Past or Present – including ongoing threat / Violence 

9 Gamut also offers the ability to address intense issues without “talking out loud”.  Find how to “focus” – to use EFT and 9 Gamut most effectively.  

Introduction to EFT classes – Come Tap on the specific issues of the attendees.

To complete your RSVP please call Janice at (403) 710-4443.

Could your daily life be easier, and more relaxed?
Are you Stressed or Worried about your work,
finances, or relationships?

Imagine freedom from emotional overwhelm...
it could come as fast as gently using your own fingertips!


Already know EFT-Tapping Basics & 9 Gamut?

These classes are focused on clearing Issues!

Tap on any issue (by topic) to resolve / release it 

  • All Tapping Class – for Releasing Your Stress
  • Abandonment – Grief, Loss & Disappointment
  • Anxiety – Lowering Your Daily Stress Level 
  • Chronic Pain – Reducing / Releasing Pain
  • Conflict, Lies & Betrayal – Heal from
  • Crush Your Cravings – Weight vs Nurture
  • Let Go of the Past – How to Stop Ruminating
  • Fears and Phobias  (Test or School Anxiety)
  • “People Pleasing” & Self-Undermining Habits
  • Self-Confidence – Raising Self-Esteem
  • “How to” Resolve BIG Issues – Step by Step
  • Additional Topics as requested

Stuck on an issue that won’t resolve?  Call and
get your Tapping topic / issue scheduled as a class.  (See links to current class schedules in Meetup or Facebook below.)

Bring EFT to Your Friends, Family or Special Group!

1. Choose an “Introduction to EFT”, or special Tapping Topic for your group.
2. Arrange 6 pre-paid attendees, for a private online (or at your venue) group class.
3. Email me at:  Janice@JaniceSmylie-EFT.com or call 403 710 4443 to discuss details.

USE Meetup or Facebook
To find my EFT Events

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are you New to Zoom's Online Classes?
"How to Connect" details here!

Tapping Classes Page Block

EFT Tapping Classes - "Live" Online

How to RSVP, and use an Online Tapping class...

1.  RSVP.  To access our online classes you’ll need to RSVP through Meetup (see links for your area below).

2.  When you RSVP,  you’ll receive a Zoom URL link for the date & time of the class you’ve booked. 
The EFT Tapping Basic ‘handout’ sheets are provided free, here.  (Same pages as those given at local classes.)

3. How does your Zoom link work?  The first time you click on a Zoom link, it takes you to download the small Zoom APP.  Afterward, whenever you click on a Zoom link, you’ll connected directly with that meeting. 

Online classes have the same content as local ‘in-person’ classes. PowerPoint slides are sometimes shown first, then Tapping demonstrations / EFT Tapping practices.  Your questions/concerns can be addressed.  You can count on Tapping support, and suggestions to help you achieve the results you desire. 

EFT's Tapping works as well 'online',
as when you physically attend 'in person'.

Attending Online? Obvious Benefits...

No travelling.  Lower Cost.  Same information is shared.  Great results.  Questions answered.   
Connect easily – a blessing summer or winter!   

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EFT Tapping Class Participants say…

Intro to EFT – Awesome!

For Testimonials

Awesome evening. 🙂

You always bring such great enthusiasm and helpful insights to your workshops, Janice.

Ann, Calgary, AB.

Intro to EFT – Fantastic

That was a fantastic Intro to EFT Class!!

It was a great refresher for me, and a fantastic presentation for people who are new to EFT.  I loved how you presented the info and then did Tapping example practice rounds.  You were professional; everything was very thorough and healing.

M.S., AB.

Intro to EFT – Informative & Rewarding!

For Testimonials

Thanks Janice for a very informative and rewarding class!  I am so glad I attended!!  So much better than just reading a book on EFT and meeting like-minded people was an added bonus!

Your knowledge and delivery of the subject and the practice sessions exceeded my expectation.  I will be telling everyone about EFT and your workshop!

Trisha, Calgary, AB.

Intro to EFT – Great Info!

For Testimonials

Thanks so much for last night’s class.  I really learned a lot.

I am looking forward to using this wonderful technique.

Carol, Calgary, AB.

Intro to EFT – 5 Star Pain Relief

5 stars!  A great understanding of how to transform your thoughts for positive results and/or pain relief, when using Tapping.

Kim., Calgary, AB.

Intro to EFT – Amazing & Inspiring!

For Testimonials

It was amazing!

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and passion about EFT, it was truly inspiring.

Chelsea, Calgary, AB.

Intro to EFT – Diverting a Migraine

For Testimonials

I really enjoyed Sunday’s presentation and tapping.  It was great meeting you Janice.  EFT is Awesome!

P.S.  I have been including the ankle points for migraines and yesterday was able to divert the one that was creeping up on me.  Hooray!!!

Sue R., Calgary, AB.

Intro to EFT – Letting Pain Go

For Testimonials

These sessions are invaluable in helping to control pain, physical or otherwise.

Even though I have been tapping for a while and have been experiencing the benefits, I always learn something new when we meet.

EFT truly is a way to experience better quality of life and doing the tapping in a group setting has it’s own ‘magic.’  Thank you Janice for sharing your knowledge and experience and for making the trek to Airdrie to do it.

Evelyn A., Airdrie, AB.

Intro to EFT – Explaining the Science

For Testimonials

I love learning more about how and why EFT works… No question to me that it is effective.  Thank you Janice for explaining the science so well and being a great support!  You really make a difference in people’s lives.

By the way, my Mom commented that she really enjoyed learning EFT and that she liked your spark, your bravery, and your caring.

Jessica H., Calgary, AB.

Intro to EFT – Husband says EFT worked for him!

For Testimonials

Thank you so much for a very informative and interactive evening!

My husband told me he has already done Tapping a couple of times himself, and EFT worked for him 🙂

Charity Wiebe, Calgary, AB.

Friends & Family Tapping – Getting Clear

For Testimonials

Enjoyed learning the tapping process, all the practices, and the size of the class.

The tapping practices were really helpful in keeping focused on clearing specific issues.

Doreen B., Calgary, AB.

Friends & Family Tapping – Life is Crazy

For Testimonials

I liked the personalized practice time and seeing the immediate benefit of tapping.  I liked the acknowledgment and validation.

EFT is a great way to cope – something I can do to steady myself when life is crazy.

C.B., Calgary, AB.

EFT Class – ​Conflict, Lies & Betrayal

For Testimonials

I feel so I inspired and supported.  It was a safe comfortable space for everyone present to exercise openness, honesty & vulnerability.​

J.J.H. Calgary, AB.

Intro to EFT Class – Narcissistic Ex.

For Testimonials

I came to the EFT program because I could not shake the emotional connection to my narcissistic ex-boyfriend.  I was crying everyday and the grief was overwhelming.

After one session of Tapping, I felt such a relief!  I felt calm and centered and felt that my emotional upset was decreased by at least 80%.  At this point now I wake up feeling happy in the morning and my outlook so much more positive.

Cheryl C. Calgary, AB.

See More Testimonials for Janice’s Private Sessions, Classes and Coaching.

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