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Use Tapping to gain more peace now in your present situation,
or release the hurt and harm from your past, with EFT...

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Tapping Sessions with Janice can offer safety while working on issues that are important to you.  Allow yourself to release whatever-it-is that’s holding you back, with Tapping.  Come feel encouraged and supported while getting really positive results.

Unhelpful, unrewarding habits (like people pleasing, or negative self-talk)  can be changed with EFT.  Let an emotional freedom or transformation begin with a single, or a group of EFT Tapping Sessions. 

Book your first Tapping Session by calling Janice at 403 710 4443.
(You can Save $195 when booking a five session package.)

Chat (free) for 20 minutes – about what you’d like to address with Tapping, and get a feeling for how EFT can help to address your concerns.

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Single Private Sessions (90 or 60 Min.)

"eft, 9 GAMUT & TAPPING"
private EFT session
(1 x 90 minutes)

Learn EFT & 9 Gamut & Tap on Your Issue

New to EFT’s Meridian Tapping?
See the science behind EFT, or just benefit from Tapping!  
Use 9 Gamut’s secret power and value to benefit with deeper clearing to neutralize hidden thoughts.

Find out “what to say” to use EFT most effectively.  
Measure change & progress – in just one session!  

private tapping session
(1 x 60 minutes)

Already know EFT-Tapping Basics & use 9 Gamut?

Issue(s) to resolve which just won’t let go?
Clarify your goal, then Tap to get past avoidance, fear or limiting beliefs.  Clear each aspect of a big issue one specific piece, at a time.

Anxious or overwhelmed?  Get help making an EFT-  Tapping plan for more effective results.  Get insight to address your EFT issue(s) in a new way! 

Taking helpful Tapping action can make valuable changes now… that will keep benefiting you later.  Expanding your calm, your confidence, your happiness and wellness can positively affect how you live your life, and everyone around you.

Let go of old hurts;  get a deeper inner freedom from your past.  Whether you’d benefit from one Tapping session, a few, or a handful… JUST BEGIN !  EFT’s Tapping can lift your emotions, rewrite the past, and improve your life in meaningful ways. 

Can you imagine releasing the emotional intensity “charge” from negative memories?  Finally get freedom from the past or being triggered by current situations over which you have little control.  You CAN let go of pain, hurt, or negative beliefs you’ve held – even since childhood – using EFT.

Now, using Tapping, there is a safe and measurable way to neutralize fear, worries and overwhelm.  So it’s the perfect time to choose what you want, and to make specific goals for yourself.  Allow yourself right now to become empowered, and take action on expecting, then achieving the success of your goals.   

The more specific you can be, the more rapidly EFT’s Meridian Tapping can offer clearing, clarity and support. 
Get help staying on track while Tapping, and you may be surprised or impressed by the results you’ll get!

Save $ with Private 3 or 5 Session EFT Packages

3 private eft sessions
(3 x 60 minutes)

Many issue/ story pieces? Clear deeper with
3 sessions. Save $60. - Only $75./hr x3)

Have an issue too big or complicated to clear easily? 

Are you stressed, over-worked, or unappreciated?  Working too hard, for too little reward?  Slow down and get clarity here. Make a Tapping plan. 

Tap more effectively to get real results. Clear more layers to feel lighter and better. 

"Meaningful changes"
5 private eft sessions
(5 x 60 minutes)

Change a meaningful issue for yourself with
5 sessions. Save $195. - Only $60./hr x5)

What’s most important to you?  Feeling loved and valued?  To stop people-pleasing?  Finally silencing your inner critic?  An old hurt that’s never gone away?

Get support to neutralize emotionally sensitive issues. Tap to completely release and finally “let go” of any traumatic memories’ negative impact on your life. 

Get free of feeling emotionally “stuck” repeating unhappy situations.  EFT can noticeably lower your daily stress level, or measurably reduce chronic pain.  

Ready to address a big issue?  It might be much easier than you expect!  Tapping will support you!

Save max. $ w/ 10 Session EFT Package

"Coaching & Support"
10 private eft sessions
(10 x 60 minutes)

Get on-going Tapping Coaching/ Support with
10 sessions. Save $450. - Only $50./hr x10)

Could you use support / positive focus through a break-up, or being gas-lighted?   Is it time to release or change a limiting or hurtful core belief?  

Would it help you to build healthy boundaries?  To easily say what you want?  Tapping can help build confidence, or release the emotional “drivers” of hurtful or undermining habitual behaviours.  

Tapping CAN help you release the “negative charge” on hurtful memories, even if you are not prepared to forgive the people involved! 

You may be happily surprised by how much better you really can feel, with Tapping!

Why give yourself a little on-going support?  Because you deserve it.  Because it’s valuable.  Because healing the past (unhappy/ hurtful long-held beliefs) can include releasing old and automatic emotional ‘thought patterns’ from childhood.  When you clear a large negative belief, the void left needs to be filled with love, respect and caring.  If you’ve always felt loved, supported and deserving of everything good, that deeper healing may happen for you naturally… if not, support and encouragment are something useful, amd to be valued.

Tapping usually works SO well on clearing specific issues, that for ten years I did not offer a lower cost for 10 Tapping sessions.  I had a simple belief (and experience) that if you just stayed focused, Tapping on ‘the heart of the issue’, you’d quickly get your issue(s) cleared.  And, most often, that was the case.   But if you are facing challenges or on-going negatives in your work or personal situation, or inner beliefs, you might need some extra support for keeping your emotional balance.

When feeling safe and loved has not been your basic or consistent life experience, then building uplifting new emotional habits can take both your awareness, plus some repetition of positive input.  Tapping can neutralize old fears and negatives, which opens the door for you… so you can insert and accept the kind of ‘good’ you desire, into your life… regardless of the behaviour of those around you.

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