EFT-Tapping For Weight Loss
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Regarding long-term weight loss, and your happiness,
Tapping can be worth it's weight in gold!

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EFT’s clinical weight loss study: 16 lbs lost over eight weeks, with no weight re-gained after 1 year

Use EFT to Easily Change Habits without Stress

Benefit from Tapping for Weight Loss Now!

Tapping Program or Private Sessions? Choose the Option that's right for You...

Option 1:   EFT - Tapping for Weight Loss Program - 7 weeks: Worksheets, Videos & Encouragement!

7 Weeks of EFT Support…

  • Tap-along Videos – Weight loss related issues addressed with Tapping
  • Weekly Worksheets/Checklists – Clarity & laser focus Tapping for better results!
  • Tap-along Audios – Tap on food, beliefs, emotions, habits, genuine nurture, encouragement, and much more…


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Option 2:   5 Private EFT Tapping Weight Loss Sessions

plus BONUS (You get all 7 weeks' of the program Worksheets & Videos free)

Your purchase of Private Tapping  Sessions & Weight Loss Support Materials (which does not auto-renew)  provides you 15 weeks of Member’s Access:

5 Private EFT Sessions x 60 min. each

  • We’ll make a Tapping plan just for you
  • Get Support and Encouragement in Private EFT Sessions
  • Schedule your 5 appointments weekly or bi-weekly

Choose the lasting benefits of self-care, and improved wellness!


  • Download FREE – All 7 weeks of Weight Loss Program Worksheets
  • Download FREE – All 7 weeks of Weight Loss Program Videos
  • Benefit from the Video and Worksheet information/structure – to make your private sessions more effective.

Get expert Tapping guidance & succeed when you address YOUR blocks to feeling happy while eating well.

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& Personal Support!


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    Tapping can absolutely help you
    become a size 12 or a size 0,
    if that’s your goal.

    But, your Feeling of Health & Happiness is Much More Important 
    than just your Weight & Measurements – Isn’t it?

    You CAN do this!
    it CAN be Easy!

    • Banish Emotional Eating – Release Triggers for Chocolate, Chips, Ice Cream, etc.
    • Acknowledge / Recognize Yourself with a Deeper Level of Positive Self-Image
    • Begin Helpful Habits – Stop Feeling Deprived Now, While Improving Your Diet
    • Change the Rules… Get Your Inner Voice to Support & Encourage You
    • Dissolve Your Resistance to Doing the Actions Which You KNOW Would Benefit You
    • Embrace Thoughts & Actions which Release Stress and Weight – Get Energized!

    Choose an option – Get Expert Tapping Guidance & Succeed!

    Weight Loss Reviews

    The EFT-Tapping for Weight Loss Program is absolutely amazing.  It was all helpful in different and awesome ways.

    I loved the whole process:   
    • The Videos – because I’m a visual person
    • Worksheets – great info and helpful tools
    • Calendars – alternate choices & stress relief
    • EFT Process Charts – I liked these the most! 

    I loved the weekly Tapping with others, too.  Using Keto with Tapping I lost 23 pounds, and completely changed how I think and behave about emotional eating.  The program really makes you think, and then help yourself, as the program goes along. 

    Denise D., Red Deer, AB. 

    See More Testimonials for Janice’s Private Sessions, Classes and Coaching.

    For Testimonials

    Bonnie L., Victoria, BC

    I was stunned when I got home and got on the scale and I weigh 128!!! - just like I did when I left for Vancouver. I swear it’s because of the tapping. I've been listening to the recordings and tapping every day.

    I'm so grateful! It’s been transformational for me.

    I would love to encourage anyone else to get the same benefit that I received from working with you.

    S.L.C., Calgary, AB.

    I realized after the weight loss tapping sessions, the problem I have with food is nothing to do with food. It is only the symptom, and real problems are how I deal with anxiety and stress.

    I kind of understood this all along, but I've never been so clear about this. Thanks again. I learned so much about myself through your sessions.

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